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AMS Industry Meeting Recap

  • Wednesday, December 13, 2017 2:11 PM
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    On Tuesday October 24th, Mike Birkmeyer, Section Chief of The Food Distribution Program in MD, was invited to speak at the USDA Industry Meeting in Crystal City, VA.  The Industry Meeting is an annual meeting, hosted by The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), which invites all vendors who supply products for the USDA Foods program; both processed and direct delivery. Attendance this year was approximately 350 people.  Mike’s objectives included speaking about ACDA, as well as our mission, and to give a formal invitation to the 2018 ANC in Minneapolis, MN.  The meeting was divided into three groups; Specialty Crops, Dairy Grain and Oilseed, and Livestock Poultry Seafood.  Mike gave his twenty minute presentation to each group during the day and was able to network with the attendees when not presenting. The presentations were well received and there was interest in learning more about ACDA.  The ACDA Board’s goal is that ACDA members speaking at events like the USDA Industry Meeting will increase interest about ACDA and grow our membership base.

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