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December 12, 2019 2PM EST/11PM PST

Technology Changing the Perception of USDA Foods

Technology impacts all aspects of our lives including the way we talk about food. In the past, USDA Foods were sometimes considered ‘unwanted commodities’ sent to schools for use in their school meals programs, but all that is changing. Come learn what’s new in USDA Foods, why it is important to ensure student’s perceptions of school meals is positively impacted by available USDA Foods and how to utilize technology for promoting the true story of USDA Foods.

Professional Standard Code: Communications and Marketing 4100

January 16, 2020 2PM EST/11PM PST

Truth and Consequences of Forecasting

Discuss the importance of accurate forecasting, and the consequences of not forecasting well. We will discuss how to make the forecasting process cleaner, easier and more user friendly. Expert panelists, in an open discussion format, will walk through the process from diversions to delivery and all steps in-between.

Professional Standard Code: Operations 2400

March 19, 2020  2PM EST/11PM PST

Globally Inspired Menu: Trends to Entice Generation Z

Join us for an Educast session that will leave you globally inspired with endless possibilities. Learn how to transform classic flavors into international delights that kids crave! The concepts are easily executed and sure to take your school menu to the next level.

Professional Standard Code: Administration 3400

May 21, 2020  2PM EST/11PM PST

Beyond Gen Z: Getting to Know Generation Alpha

More than 22 million millennial parents live in the U.S., with about 9,000 Generation Alpha babies born to them each day since 2010. Generation Alpha children will grow up interacting with AI and robots, as well as humans. They will play with connected toys which will respond to commands and demonstrate emotional intelligence, and they’ll expect the same interactive, responsive experiences from all the facets of their lives. Learn from Gen Alpha in their own words, what they’re hungry for, and how their needs differ from Gen Z.

Professional Standard Code: Administration 3400

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Professional Standards Learning Objectives

Key Areas:
  • Menu Planning
  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Communications and Marketing
Participation in a webinar will earn the attendee one Professional Standard Credit Hour per course completed. 

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