Welcome to the ACDA Food Distribution Education Program! Here are some ways for you to expand your career in food distribution:

Food Distribution Core Competency Areas

Within the Food Distribution program, there are six competency areas (each with an exam) available to further your knowledge. The six areas are: 

  • USDA Foods Overview
  • Procurement and Planning
  • DoD Fresh
  • Direct Delivery
  • Processing
  • Community Feeding Programs

Food Distribution Certified Levels

Once you pass two or more core competency exams, you have the ability to become certified. We have options that fit every individual's career goals now and in the future. 

Food Distribution Professional- Certified Level 1:  Complete two competency exams

Food Distribution Expert- Certified Level 2: 

Complete four competency exams

Food Distribution Master- Certified Level 3: 

Complete six competency exams

Food Distribution Specialist (FDS) Credential 

The Food Distribution Specialist (FDS) is a comprehensive exam that covers all six certification exam areas. The six certification areas included in the credential exam are USDA Foods Overview, Procurement and Planning, DoD Fresh, Direct Delivery, and Processing. You are ready for the FDS Credential Exam when you meet the criteria set forth in the Food Distribution Handbook. 

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